Wisdom from Dicky Fox

Hey, I don’t have all the answers, in life, to be honest, I’ve failed as much as I’ve succeeded, but i love my wife, i love my life, and I wish you my kind of success.

-Dicky Fox, from Jerry McGuire

There aren’t too many folks today that have what I have. I am a rich man – rich beyond my wildest dreams. I have a treasure of wealth that men around the world dream of – and strive for – day after day, year after year – of their lives. Some men have earned this wealth, but never receive it. They’ve done much more to earn it than I have – and yet they do not have it. Why? I am not sure – beyond the providence of Almighty God – I can’t tell you why some men live their entire lives – and do so much to earn this treasure – and they go to bed every night – penniless… broke…. destitute.

The love and respect of my wife is my treasure. She is my dream come true, my soul-mate and my God given encourager here on this earth. I have made many mistakes in my life, and for many years – I was a crappy husband. I thank God – that He has blessed me with my wife.

I love you, baby.

  1. Are you trying to get me to leave you another mushy post? hee hee!

    John only told half of the story (regarding being a crappy husband). It was only true because he had a crappy wife. Over the past ten years God convicted me of my true role as a wife. It wasn’t to be Cinderella and wear the glass slippers (they look uncomfortable anyway), it wasn’t to have some man sing to me every night and do all of the housework while I rested on the sofa. My role is to love God first, John second. My role is to respect John, trust John, pray for John, look for the best in John. That IS loving John. Men, if you and your wife are having troubles in your marriage, pray together. You lead her, you love her, you treasure her. She, in return, will trust you, submit to you, and follow you. There were so many years early in our marriage that we failed miserably because we did not understand this. Thanks be to God for revealing this to us!

    Enjoy the love of your spouse, it is from our Heavenly Father!

    CA – Is that mushy enough for you? =)

  2. I’m right there with ya Kathy, I don’t want some man to sing to me every night either.

  3. Thanks David, for clearing that up! =)

  4. John,
    You better sing to your woman after that post! She’s right, you don’t have to, but it’d be nice…:0) It’s great to know someone bold enough to be humble.

    Kathy, it is such a struggle to stay where and who we should be in our marriage. Thanks for the encouraging words for your man. I just love hearing wives dote on their husbands! I gotta (no, get to!) go dote on mine…
    See you both soon-

  5. Tracy,
    This commenting is fun, I hear you even have a blog. I am sooooo behind the times! I look forward to reading your “doting on Kevin” blog. =)

    Happy New Year!

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