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They Should Raise the Voting Age

I just heard on cable TV news that the Dems expect to win the 18-29 year old voting group by 20 to 30 points. 

This is ridiculous on so many levels.  My guess is that most of these (let’s be really generous and call them ‘young adults’) young adults are pretty much fresh out of the nest or in college where mommy and daddy still pay for most everything or they pretty much can get by working at Starbucks or Barnes and Noble because they don’t have their own kids or their own family.  For these young adults, the cradle to grave nanny state is just like a cup of momma’s warm cocoa on a chilly November night.

Raise the drinking age, the draft age and the voting age to 30.

It’s morning in America gang, and on this new day is the terminal diagnosis for freedom in our country.   We get what we deserve.

Just Overlook the Cheese

In the history of the United States of America – there have been few (arguably not any) men who so epitomize the type of person that has earned the opportunity to be president of the United States of America.  John McCain is one such man.  I have not always agreed with his politics – but there is one thing that is undeniable – he is a man of principle.  He gave five years of his life, in service of his country, in a North Vietnamese prison camp.  Think about that – he served his country and the cause of freedom – in an enemy prison camp.  None of us – can understand service like that.  None of us can understand sacrifice like that.

I thought this video was inspiring.  Just overlook the Lee Greenwood cheese at the end.

And when you have watched the video, think about how next week, at this time, the president-elect won’t be the man who champions freedom.  It will be the man who believes that freedom is a mistake.  Our next president will be just five years removed from the Illinois State Senate and just ten years removed from being a glorified community organizer.

Think about it.

Read My Lips

George H.W. Bush, back in the campaign of 1988 uttered those now infamous words: "Read my lips, no new taxes".  Of course, as most people over the age of 35 remember – he did just what he said he wouldn’t do – he raised taxes.  The results can be debated – but an objective view would likely produce the conclusion that the tax increase damaged what was already a fragile economy.


Today, we stand at a crossroads.   We can vote for someone who has consistently said that he will raise taxes – Barack Obama.  Or we can choose the candidate who favors – based upon his words at last night’s debate – keeping taxes right where they are.


In case you are wondering what bad economic policies can do to an economy, read this article about what poured fuel on the brush fire that became the Great Depression.


Vote McCain-Palin.