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What’s in a Life?

A good friend of mine from high school, who just so happens to be some sort of lobbyist or other operative for the Democrat party, sent me this video.  It’s sort of an olive branch from this friend, who is as reasonable a lib as there is.  CAUTION:  Though there is no spoken profanity, I think I saw some scrolling at the bottom of the video newscast.


I Don’t Care How Long it Takes to Get to Scotland

John McCain’s concession speech on Tuesday evening was moving.  It was one of the greatest examples of political humility I have ever seen.  He was sincerely gracious and sincerely desirous of working with the newly elected president to better our country – a country he so obviously love.   I am more conservative than John McCain.  But as politician – there is none I respect more.

Over the past four years, I think Bush has done a mostly crappy job as president.  I still support him – but his fiscal policies to me have been too liberal – and will ultimately tear apart the financial footing of our nation.  Any liberal financial policy will do that – the more liberal – the sooner the country comes crashing down from a financial perspective.

Even though I haven’t agreed with Bush – I have never, never called him some of the disgusting names you hear from the far left.  On the fringe left you find petty, jealous, childish people – who say some of the most dastardly and appalling things about the man elected to be president.  I never did that with Bush – and I won’t do that with Barack Obama.  Whether I agree with him or not, he will be my president. 

On Tuesday evening, another person related to Bush, Karl Rove, said some very kind and unifying things about the new president.  He said we will support him – we will try to persuade him when he is open – and when we disagree we will stand on our conviction.  He echoes that sentiment in this article from the WSJ, where he says:

Let every American hope for the success of the new president and the country we all love.

Karl Rove was demonized by those same freaks and fruitcakes on the far left.  Let’s take our time getting to Scotland – and pray for the success of our nation – and our new president.

They Should Raise the Voting Age

I just heard on cable TV news that the Dems expect to win the 18-29 year old voting group by 20 to 30 points. 

This is ridiculous on so many levels.  My guess is that most of these (let’s be really generous and call them ‘young adults’) young adults are pretty much fresh out of the nest or in college where mommy and daddy still pay for most everything or they pretty much can get by working at Starbucks or Barnes and Noble because they don’t have their own kids or their own family.  For these young adults, the cradle to grave nanny state is just like a cup of momma’s warm cocoa on a chilly November night.

Raise the drinking age, the draft age and the voting age to 30.

It’s morning in America gang, and on this new day is the terminal diagnosis for freedom in our country.   We get what we deserve.